School and nursery parties

nursery parties

School and nursery parties across all areas including London  Hammersmith and Fulham

Are you organising a school or nursery party? Contact Smartie Artie. We are children's entertainers who can bring a lot of fun and excitement to your party.

Children's entertainer for schools, nurseries and playgroups

If you've been given the task of finding a children's entertainer, contact Smartie Artie. We can help you make the school or nursery event, a fun and memorable one. With many years of experience, we provide a perfect blend of silly antics and comedy acts to get your children laughing and happy. Our team of dedicated professionals conduct highly interesting magic shows. Our ventriloquism experts also provide interesting puppet shows. For fun day entertainment programmes, get in touch with our team today.
Magic workshops
puppet shows

Longer and shorter duration shows

If you need a one hour show, we arrive 15 minutes before the show time. We bring all that we need to entertain the children. When the children arrive, we can greet them and start the fun as soon as they settle.

If you need a longer show, we can have a tea break about half way through and carry on the show after that, which we're happy to help with!

Speak to our team today, to discuss your requirements.
clown shows

Complete entertainment options

  • One hour shows
  • Two or three short shows
  • Face paintings
  • Smartie Artie magic workshops
We can organise two or three short shows at school fairs. We can incorporate simple colour themes and basic counting and spelling. You can request us for curriculum linked performances. We're always glad to help!
We not only conduct school and nursery parties, but also organise school discos for older children. We can provide music, games, competitions and prizes to make an evening lively and memorable. Get in touch with us today to discuss the various options available. Our services are available across Hammersmith, Fulham, Wandsworth, Milton Keynes and St Albans.
For school and nursery parties in Hammersmith and Fulham, call Smartie Artie on
01582 600 529
We provide fun day entertainment programs.
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