Magic workshops

child in magic gown

Children's magic shows across all areas  including London Hammersmith and Fulham

Are you looking for someone to conduct a magic show for children? Contact Smartie Artie. We can conduct a magic show that children will love.
Check the map on the home page for the areas outside of London we cover.

Magic workshops for children

If you want your child to learn simple and amazing magic tricks, contact Smartie Artie. We can teach them how to make objects appear and disappear. All our workshops are designed to be fun and entertaining. Your child will go home buzzing with magic.  We teach tricks that are age-appropriate. The children undertake the magician's promise before starting their magic lessons.

We help children with the magic tricks on a one-to-one basis, to ensure they fully understand how to do them. The magic workshops are best suited for small groups of children, with a maximum of 20 children per workshop. The children can take home a magic wand and a magic certificate.
School and nursery parties
birthday party

Smartie Artie workshop birthday party

A mix between a magic show and a workshop, this is a full 2-hour party. About an hour into the performance, there is a break for tea. During this time our magicians show the children some magic tricks.

We can organise a shorter party with a 1-hour workshop just before or after tea. We can also organise a magic class at the end of the school term or as part of an after school activity or holiday club. To make our classes a part of your school fete, call us today.
Smartie Artie conducts captivating children's magic shows and balloon modelling at events across all areas including London Hammersmith and Fulham.
To book our services, call us on
01582 600 529
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